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Live Tracking

Don’t you know where your child is?

It’s been a while, your child should be started from School by this time. You are worried that its been raining outside and you are held back in your office. You can search for the School phone number to get the School bus status.

This will not solve the problem or your worry any close. It may never give the precise information you seek.

Our Live bus Tracking facility will provide with more accurate and detailed information in a flick of your own personal mobile application.

Students Log

Are you not aware your child Pickup & Drop?

You may want to keep eye on the daily routine of your child bus plan, with details of the Pickup time and Drop time. But, It is not possible for you to keep the record manually by knowing the details on daily basis.

Relax, we have our Student Log facility to record all the pickup time and Drop time of your child for past 30 days in your mobile application


Do you want to get notified about pickup & Drop?

You are not at home, you are unsure about your child pickup status or Drop status. you may want someone to monitor those activities and Notify you immediately once your Child is picked up or Dropped Off

That Someone is ntracky. Yes, our Push notification facility will reach you whenever your child is picked up and Dropped off.

Delay Message

Are you unaware that bus got delayed?

You have been waiting in the Drop point to receive your child for so long, but the bus did not showed up yet. You are frustrated, tired and Worried most of all.

It is not fair to keep you wait so long, In case of any unexpected situations like Traffic, Breakdown, SOS emergency, you will be informed with Delay message from Bus responsible person since you are not aware of whats going on.

Get It On Your Mobile


What is ntracky?

ntracky is an mobile application developed to help parents/guardians to track their child(ren)’s school bus in relation to their assigned Pickup Points as well as provide information about their routes, in near real-time. The application is user friendly and available at free of cost for the parents/guardians.

Whether my child will be tracked by this application?

No, the application only tracks the school bus and only your child’s on-boarding and off-boarding information will be tracked to send notification to your mobile.

Are the tracking information real-time?

ntracky displays the location of the bus as accurately as possible. Based on some technology limitations such as cellular signal and other factors, a 15 second to two minute delay can occur. While rare, in extreme cases where no cell service is available, there could be greater than a two-minute delay. In most situations, the location of the bus will be accurate to 10 – 25 seconds.

How do I receive notifications?

If you have a smart phone with ntracky app installed, it will alert you as the bus arrives before to your pickup point and when your child on-boarded and off-boarded the bus.

How should we ensure that ntracky securing our child transportation?

With ntracky, you can receive real time notification regarding school bus location, receives notification on your child’s On-boarding and off-boarding, you can track your child’s transportation and be informed about bus delays.

What if my child’s school doesn’t have the ntracky app?

We will contact your school on your behalf to ask them to implement ntracky in their buses. We will be able to do this more effectively if you can ask other parents with children on the same school to also sign up with us. you can refer your school using https://www.ntracky.com/refer-your-school

How to sign up for ntracky?

Download the application from Appstore or Playstore and install it. You can use the registration form to sign up to ntracky application

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