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Trip Details

Don’t know what trip assigned to you today?

Its your new start of the day, you are not informed about your trip details. And you are unaware of when does you trip starts and where it starts.

Don’t worry, Our application can provide your daily trip, Trip start time, Trip check points with optimum route guidance.

Feel free to know the details of your trip everyday with Active trip update.

Student Details

Are you not aware of Students you are responsible for?

Once the trip is allocated to you, you are the responsible person for the students assigned to that particular trip. You should be notified with list of Pick up point or Dropping points of Student

Our application can provide you with list of Students you need to pickup or drop-off in that Active trip

RFID Based Attendance

Still working with Attendance registers?

In the running bus, Counting students manually and marking their attendance is a tedious job. And it may not get updated properly too. You need to be so careful on manual errors as well.

Leave the Job to us, Through our application, just swipe the student RF-ID card to your mobile. The Students attendance will be registered automatically and their parents will get the Automated notification.

You can anytime update the absent student’s Attendance in Active trip.

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