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ntracky – School Bus Tracking System, a solution for School Management to track their Fleets, a tool for Fleet drivers to manage their trips, a fortune for parents to insure the safety status of their Children school bus travel. We want to make world a better place to reside on.  We are the group of highly motivated individuals strive to provide our stakeholders with better solution than a mere tool. We do what it is to take the advantages of evolving technologies and present you with a challenging and fruitful solution.

The major focus of this project is to provide peace of mind to the Parents who are worried about their children in coming home in School bus about their safety, Remove the hardship of maintaining the attendance of all the students and help them with reliable method to register the attendance, Allow the School management to maintain their fleets and routes more effectively with insight of Cost efficiency and Productivity

It is inevitable in the ever growing world, to be updated, we do that for you on your behalf.

Parent Application

Start of the day for parents is always busy, preparing breakfast and lunch together, waking up the children, ready them to school, planning for rest of the day. Wait, did I miss the flow? NO, waiting for School bus will no more in your schedule.

By using our Parent application, you can track the bus current location towards you. This may help you to remove the waiting time and make your day. Additionally, you can keep track of the Bus till it reaches the school after picking your children.

Driver Application

As a person responsible for the safety of all children in daily commute, it should be a tiresome work. Handling records are the another hectic process. Give rest to the Trip Sheets, Attendance report and Route Chart. Yes, You read it right..!!

With our Drivers application, we can make your day more effective by removing the extra work you have to do and keep you focused on the safety of the Children, using our RFID based Attendance system.

Admin Application

Being School Administrator, you may have to monitor everything. In your Stack of work, you may have to do some micro management to insure everything is upto the satisfactory level. Well, you can struck one out.

We do work on micro-level to have your fleets can be managed in Single shot. You can know which Fleet is working on which Route, and You can know Who is on Which Fleet and more.

Additionally, you can review your report in Handy Web Panel to manage your cost efficiency.

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